Covid rules relaxed [In Full]

(We will still be subject to regulations if they are re-introduced)

Although the rules are gone we are going to continue to limit capacity on our boats, enabling social distancing for passengers to continue for the summer season. While face masks and hand gell are no longer required, you are welcome to continue their use. As far as is possible we will continue to avoid physical contact between passengers and crew so you will need to be able to embark/disembark without our assistance. If you have purchased tickets in advance and then have to isolate, we will do our best to re-sell the seats and refund you. This will largely depend on how much notice you give us. We will continue to review our situation on a regular basis, so please check here before your trip.

The rules have now been relaxed, but please follow our latest guidance:

  1. Book in advance by telephone.
  2. Be able to embark/disembark without the assistance of our staff.
  3. Maintain social distancing where possible.
  4. Follow the current legislation.

For the very latest update and advice from the government click link below.